Scuba Diving the sea of cortez.

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Bird Island SCUBA Trip
Departure time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
All divers must be certified - 2 tank dive
Certified Instructor Lea will be our guide
$115.00 per person - 8 person minimum / 20 person maximum
Snorkelers $85.00 per person (gear included)
Includes: Tanks & weights, Soft Drinks, and water

Angel Island SCUBA & Fishing Trip
$650.00 per person - 8 person minimum / 10 person maximum
Depart Thursday - returning Monday morning
Your catch will include large grouper, yellowtail tuna, dorado, pinto bass, cabrilla and much more!!
Along the way see whales, dolphins, giant manta ray, sea turtles and many other varieties of marine life.

Local Dives
$50.00 for one tank
$65.00 for two tanks
All divers must have their certification card present

$165.00 per person
Learn the basic SCUBA skills with Lea, and experience a 1 tank, open-water boat dive.
When you fall in love with it and want to become certified, Instructor Lea will guide you through the Program to become a certified diver, and she will credit you back $65.00 of your Intro Scuba cost when you enroll in her Open water certification program.
(Open water certification program $500.00)

Local Snorkeling Trips:
(3 hours) All Snorkel gear included
$85.00 per person / 6 person minimum ($300.00)

Bird Island Snorkel Trips
(Full day 8:00 – 4:00) All snorkel gear included, two kayaks on board so you can explore the island and its wildlife

Bird Island Snorkel & Kayak Tours
Snorkel with Sea Lions!
$85.00 per person / 10 person minimum -- 25 maximum
Includes Soft Drinks and water -- BYOB